Golf Course Histories: Seminole

The evolution of golf courses as shown through photographs.

Seminole's Architectural History, as Told by Aerial Photography
Seminole Golf Club through the post-WWII years (primarily).

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Changes to note, c1930 to 1968:

Note: LR = left rear; RR = right rear

First 9
1st: two bunkers added outside dogleg
2nd: short-right fwy bunker removed; RH fwy bunker added
3rd: green moved back and slightly left; bunker added short right of new green -- Iso on 3rd green relocation, 1953 v 1964.
4th: bunkers added LR and RR of green
5th: no apparent changes
6th: RH fwy bunker added beyond two extant
7th: LH fwy bunker added
8th: no apparent changes
9th: two LH fwy bunkers combined; LH and RH greenside bunkers possibly enlarged

Second 9
10th: LH / LR greenside bunker added; green possibly enlarged, especially to rear and to right
11th: possible green enlargement
12th: possible SR fwy bunker removed; LH fwy bunker added
13th: possible enlargement of greenside bunkers (possible photographic artifact)
14th: SR bunker removed; cluster of seven RH fwy bunkers (pots?) consolidated into two, possibly four, bunkers
15th: LH fwy bunkers enlarged
16th: RH fwy bunker added, extant RH fwy bunkers expanded; bunker added at outside of dogleg (LH fwy); three bunkers added LH fwy approach; possible enlargement of greenside bunkers; possible consolidation two RR greenside bunkers
17th: possible enlargement of greenside bunkers
18th: LH fwy bunker disaggregated into three bunkers and overall area expanded (extended towards green); first RH fwy bunker enlarged; RH fwy bunker added; approach cross bunker removed; green moved to left

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