Golf Course Histories: Augusta National Golf Club

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Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club July 1931 v May 2013

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Augusta National Golf Club 21 February 1938 v July 1931

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Timeline of Mackenzie's course routing

Mackenzie spent several days in July 1931 walking the property:

"Spent [July] 14, 15 and 16 in Augusta going over the property and conferring with the engineers and architects and working with Dr. MacKenzie and
Robert T. Jones, Jr. on the golf course....Dr. MacKenzie laid out on the 200-scale map 18 holes and staked this roughly on the ground working with Bobbie[sic]
Jones. I was with him part of the time but did not offer any suggestions other than that they avoid destroying planting in the valley of the sulphur spring."
-- William Bell Marquis, Olmsted Brothers

Returning to visit the property in October 1931, Mackenzie apparently already had set the routing -- a remarkably quick routing, particularly for one
so highly regarded. (Remember Mackenzie's initial routing in 1931 is the current routing:

"Both Dr. Mackenzie and Jones were unwilling to change the proposed line of #5 hole which will practically prevent any use of the wooded slope between #5 and #6 for house sites."
-- William Bell Marquis, Olmsted Brothers, trip report Oct 4-7-1931

Final confirmation Mackenzie's routing came early -- and endured -- rests in the Olmsted Brothers sketch below, dated 28 September 1931. This sketch was prepared from Mackenzie's instructions.

Routing sketch September 1931

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